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High Net Worth


Ultra High Net Worth Families

Discerning clients from across the country seek out our team’s expertise for advanced solutions that come with our personalized, white glove experience.

While exploring all options to minimize taxes, clients with substantial wealth will still have a need or desire for insurance that will last the rest of their lives.


We help families that would prefer to pay their estate tax liability at a significant discount, rather than dollar for dollar.


Through our guidance we provide every potential solution to help creatively solve these issues.

Business Owners

Owners of privately held family businesses can face liquidity issues between generations. Without proper planning, forced sale may be required to offset estate tax liabilities.

Families always wish for all of their children to be treated fairly, even children that are not involved in the family business on a day to day basis. Business owners also find themselves deficient with properly funding Buy/Sell arrangements and unclear how to navigate post sale tax implications.


As experts in insurance planning, we work with their trusted advisors to help these corporate leaders make the most important decisions regarding the future of their business and the resulting impact it will have for generations to come.

New York Office
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Family Offices

Family office dynamics require a level of expertise and guidance that is not easily acquired to assure that generations to come are protected and provided for in the most effective way possible.

Through relationships that often span generations we serve as a valued partner.


Trusted Advisors

As specialists, The Melvin Group is consulted by CPA’s, Attorneys, Financial Planners and Investment Advisors who serve in their client’s best interest. With joint guidance, we ensure the most advanced planning techniques are paired with the right company or insurance carrier to implement a strategic plan that fits the exact needs of their client.

Important planning requires the right team.

That's where we come in.

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